Finding that performance calm any time of the day

A thought for my students getting into study mode:

If you are feeling stressed and anxious why not use all of your experience as a musician and find the same calm that you try to find before a performance.

When one is under pressure one often forgets to breathe and then there is no oxygen for your brain so everything feels harder than it is.

  • Take deep breaths and visualise yourself getting the assignment done
  • Think of a mantra for yourself. Eg: 'Today I will do my very best and that is more than enough'
  • Try this AMAZING podcast - I could not have got through my masters without it!!

Meditation Oasis

  • #6 is just music and perfect to have on low when you are doing an assignment
  • #31 for stress and pressure is also really good
  • also #36 for a mini break

Good Luck!