Les Trois Grâces

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Les Trios Graces have been chronicled by artists and folklore, known in Greek mythology as The Three Graces, goddesses of such things as charm, beauty, and creativity. This link to Roman and Greek folklore is something that also inspired our favourite composer Claude Debussy in 1915 when he wrote the first trio ‘Sonata’ for Harp Flute and Viola.

We have been performing together in many capacities throughout our studies at the Queensland Conservatorium and University of Queensland, most importantly meeting and playing as members of the Queensland Youth Symphony. Progressing to form our own ensemble has been rewarding and challenging, offering many musical challenges in bringing together these complementary and opposing instruments. The warmth and dry sounds of the viola, the water pure sounds of the flute and the running bell sounds of the harp give us many possibilities and colours to work with.

This year we will continue to explore the French composers Debussy and Jolivet however we hope to collaborate with other emerging composers and artists. This music lends itself so beautifully to movement and visual art, fostering our love of creativity, collaboration, transformation and storytelling.

Our next collaborations will be with Brisbane based composers Heidi Chan, Jasmin Leung, Alexander Voltz and Visual Artist Alex Edsor.