Two spirits

One of the earth 

And one of the air

Lived in parallel 

The earth dweller 

Was the scent of dew on the leaves 

And of the rainforest 

The earth sang of cycles, patterns, making rhythms of the seasons. 

Light and mist was the air spirit 

It floats ephemeral yet always present above everything,

Noticing but not meddling with the cycles below.

A beautiful arch of light.

Earth and Air.

They live this ancient parallel life 

And the harmonies they make are strange and sacred, dissonant and harmonious

Sometimes they entwine and become

Each other 

Only to separate once more.

Eternally dancing. Partners yet separate.

Ohime: lament.

Listen to their songs, they are made of mountains and our imaginations....

Shanghai Museum 

Poems on stamps

Hundreds of years old

We print them 

In their original use

And they are new 


The artists finger print 

Continues to live

Past their lifetime 

Ancient vessels 


And bronze

Moulded how we grew 

From fields

To homes

To a cultured mind

I see this 

And feel overwhelmed 

I am part of this line too


We are all connected 

Outside we turn a corner 

And out pops a little head

Soft and gentle Jemima 

The cat is our new best friend 

Time suspends 

Our hearts respond

Sometimes we see more 

Of a place 

And more of ourselves 

In the silence of a garden 

And the gentle nuzzle of a head 

Shanghai Hazard

Soupy dumplings 

Pork and crab 

It's worth 

Burnt tounges 

Order another round

A perfect concert 

I can breathe 

We are all in the flow 

And it is whole

And complete 

45 minutes on the high way

It's dark and exciting 

Rain on the pavement 

We arrive 

And dance 

Freedom is knowing your own heart

And letting it rise 

Overtone singing in the taxi 

To Jaiging town

Is this a dream? 

The laughter is real 

In the company of friends 


Open the window

Let the world IN

Wether in soft zephyrs

Or in wild storms

Keep your heart open

And your mind thoughtful.

Accept only what is true and good

And stay strong against the rest

For there is injustice and cruelty everywhere.

Let not your heart be hardened

And your eyes closed,

This world is too big

To shut ourselves in with false congratulations.

This is to miss the strength of growth

and inquisitiveness,

and the wind

and sunshine

on our faces


Do not let the world overwhelm

Or debilitate you

Too often we sit


Shocked by what we see

On the tv

Shouted to us

On the radio

And imprinted into our

Own nightmares

Things that we have never physically experienced

Use this fear

Speak out for those who can't

Research more than what is presented to you

And remember what is true in your heart

In a world where we are made to feel

Inadequate in the face of injustice and poverty

And there is no superman

To save us

Surely we can be our own hero

When one person sings

They can command

A choir

Which is surely an army

For positive change

Travel China September 2018

In facing the world

We face ourselves 

Sometimes the hardest mountain

Brings us more to ourselves 

Than by continuing the ordinary 

So let that veil be cast aside 

And be open to what can be

Memorial Brisbane November 2018

The air is saturated 
With the memory of them
Their souls 
In the clink
Of a wine glass
The light 
On the grass

Sonata 31/3/18

I had not expected the sun to return.
It was a cold winter, bitter, harsh
       And yet

The sun returned 
and I felt the warm glow on my face 
              it sunk into me
I sighed 
                and let it in.

Is this the meaning of life? That there is not one, but infinite meanings, 
and that the Moon will always balance the Sun

      am I not the thick green grass
    the gentle wind 
                 and the hailstorm
    the dry heat 
     And everything between 

The birds..... I listened, not understanding the language but knowing the language. 

My ancestors, the men and women who I carry in my DNA, lived, as I live - a love affair between the moon and the sun. And they lived and grew, they hurt and healed and loved, and died,  remaining part of this all, 

just as we all are.

I breathed

And I worked

Dreaming poems like rainbows 

   every thought wafting in to savour, so sweet, 
       heritage roses my great grandmother grew, giving grace to the thorns, the small aphids, the impossibly beautiful blooms....

I am this moment

the very truth that I am 
That I exist, 
affirms that I am meant to be here.
Everything is in it's place, working in mysterious ways,


I Am Enough

Sonata: two individual equal parts that interweave and create a whole
For example the sun and the moon, or the highs and lows of life